Hearts Went Frozen EP

Hearts Went Frozen EP

1. AQ
2. Hearts Went Frozen
3. Please Let Me Down
4. Sun Song
5. Black And Blue

Hearts Went Frozen EP

10 November 2023

Northern Trails loves to put love in the hands of maniacs. The songs on Hearts Went Frozen EP are relationship reflections by characters well aware of their twisted morals and lack of social skills. There’s a dark energy driving the lyrics, but the energizing music and poetic language still deliver relatable and likeable love songs.

Northern Trails are rooted in Americana, 90s Britpop and Swedish indie pop tradition. The band dresses timeless and melancholic melodies in Americana costumes and adorns them with genre-crossing pearls. The recordings on Hearts Went Frozen EP are based on live performances. It is important for the band to capture human imperfection and spontaneity while at the same time sounding neat and well-packaged.

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